Let's Raise the Vibrations of the Universe!

MOONBEAM is collecting all things of value, beauty and meaning. What makes you feel good? What brings you power and pleasure, that also enhances the experience of our existence? 

Let's collaborate! Allow the MOONBEAM Collective to share what you create (even if it's just when you're out-of-office). 

Are you a leader, an artist, a peacemaker, a writer, a poet, a photographer, a chef, an actress/actor, a filmmaker, a designer, an architect, an entrepreneur, a comedian, a medium, a musician, a model with a message, a mixologist, a stylist, a world-traveler, a teacher, a producer, a zoologist, a geologist, an economist, a dad, a psychologist, a thinker, a scientist, a surgeon, etc.? Send me your thoughts / feelings on a certain topic that you're passionate about in three paragraphs or less, with a three sentence bio about you. As well as three photos, and a video / sound clip if you'd like. 

See contact page for contact info. ;)